Top Trends in Dairy 2017: Exploring the milk, cheese and yogurt categories

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  • Publisher GlobalData
  • Published date Mar 10 2017
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  • Sector Dairy

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Top Trends in Dairy 2017: Exploring the milk, cheese and yogurt categories


"Top Trends in Dairy 2017: Exploring the milk, cheese and yogurt categories", report focuses on outlining the key consumer and innovation trends currently impacting the core categories in dairy - milk, yogurt, and cheese. These include new product development that aligns with consumer demand for dairy-free milk or appeals to the experimental consumer (e.g. through exploring alternative animal sources for dairy).

The desire among consumers to lead healthier lifestyles while maintaining a tasty and exciting diet is clearly reflected in recent dairy trends. The rising profile of plant protein is driving new product development in this sector, particularly beyond soy to unique sources of plant protein. The acceptance of higher fat in favor of lower sugar is also prevalent, as the popularity of ‘clean label’ products gains momentum in the dairy sector. Flavor experimentation outside of sweet, traditional flavors in dairy is widespread, while opportunities exist ‘beyond the cow’ for manufacturers to capitalize upon.


- A third of consumers who avoid dairy entirely believe that milk protein has a negative impact on their health.
- While over a third of consumers do not have a clear understanding of what 'clean label' is, willingness to pay a premium for such products is apparent.
- Almost two thirds of heavy dairy consumers also experiment with new and unusual flavors when shopping for food and drink products.

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